Definition - Ability

TBR: From the KM Functions COP perspective, an ability is "possession of the qualities required to" perform the KM Function ("special talents"). See also roles, responsibilities, competences, knowledge, skills and behaviors..

Per Dictionary.Com

  1. power or capacity to do or act physically, mentally, legally, morally, financially, etc.
  2. competence in an activity or occupation because of one's skill, training, or other qualification: the ability to sing well.
  3. abilities, talents; special skills or aptitudes: Composing music is beyond his abilities.

  1. capability; proficiency, expertness, dexterity.
  2. Ability, faculty, talent denote qualifications or powers. Ability is a general word for power, native or acquired, enabling one to do things well: a person of great ability; ability in mathematics. Faculty denotes a natural ability for a particular kind of action: a faculty of saying what he means. Talent is often used to mean a native ability or aptitude in a special field: a talent for music or art.

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World English Dictionary:
  1. possession of the qualities required to do something; necessary skill, competence, or power: the ability to cope with a problem
  2. considerable proficiency; natural capability:a man of ability
  3. ( plural) special talents

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