KM specialities apply to: COPs, Knowledge Repositories, Pedias, Trainer, Content Management, Knowledge Retention, Codification, Knowledge Continuity, Social Network Improvement; Knowledge Asset Management; Strategy; KM Architecture

Supporting Specialities: Change Management; Organizational Behavior / Development, Systems Development (...), Search and Discovery, Taxomonies and Ontologies.

There are broad set of roles for individuals in the KM practice and embedded in organization working specialities like these:
  • Communicator, Coach, Facilitator / Motivator, Knowledge Broker. Trainer. Leader / Manager. Mentor. Strategist. Instructional Designer, KM Integrator, Innovation Manager

Start at attributes for comparing suggested functions.

See KM Curriculum for Doug Weidener's initial inputs of KM Specialities from a KM Curriculum, KM Institute viewpoint.
See KM Specialities page in IKIGlobal wiki for another starting list of specialities.