"Universal" KM Function includes responsiblities, competencies, skills and behaviors that are needed by knowledge worker (not just individual in highly technical or analytical functions) and by KM practice practioners in managing the KM practice.

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The 2011 Communique states "There was very strong agreement on" the existance of "Universal knowledge management functions."

The communique also says "A key area of consensus was the importance this community assigned to basic knowledge management competencies for all functions. This group adopted the more modern view of the knowledge worker as any worker within an organization. The group did not agree with the idea that a knowledge worker is limited to individuals who perform highly technical or highly analytical functions. There was abroad agreement that everyone in an organization should strive to become a knowledge worker - not just the college educated."

"There was also strong agreement that the functions should not be read as having direct hierarchical relationships – knowledge management functions must be able to infiltrate and align with all aspects of the organization. "

- 2011 Communique

Universal KM functions include: TBR
  • Managing Knowledge by Knowledge Type: "Know-How, Know-Where, Know-What, Know-When, Know-Who, Know-Which, Know-Why." John Lewis
  • The Knowledge Cycle: Discover, Research, Use, {Create}, {Codify}, {Dissemenate}
  • Effective interpersonal work skills and behaviors