KMEF Functions COP Telecon - December 12, 2011

Attendees: Annie Green, Ed O'Neal, Dean Testa, Kathy Valderrama, Anne Washington

  • Finalize survey plans
  • Approve survey intro
  • Functions & Competencies CoP interaction

Dial in Information

Telecon Meeting Notes

Survey Plans
  1. Proposal to add % of time spent on components ... emphasize that it does not have to equal 100%
  2. Distribution
    • leverage KMEF members
    • KMEF LinkedIn site
    • maybe SIKM
    • + other potentials (KM.Gov & APQC)
  3. Duration
    • plan to leave open for 30 days
    • monitor responses and adjust if necessary

Survey Intro
  1. Added "150 replies" to Long Intro
  2. added expected time to complete to Long & Short Intro
  3. added survey end date
  4. need this group (and friends) to pilot the survey and record time to complete

Interaction between Functions & Competencies CoP
  1. Teleconference scheduled for Friday 16 DEC 2011 at 1pm EST
  2. Proposed Agenda from the Competencies CoP:
    1. Understanding of what each functional group has accumulated to date and the value it has going forward
    2. Determine how that information needs to be consolidated into an operational KM Model. (Pyramid, Single Frame Template, 3-D box, Graphical Flow Diagram, Summary Sheet of KM Functions, Roles, Competencies with Pop-Up Chart/Windows, etc.)
    3. Action Plan on how to bring these joint efforts to closure.
    4. Questions relevant for the next wave of the KMEF forum in 2012, beginning in February 2012.
  3. Our thoughts:
    1. show result of Annie & Ed resolution of the 2 different sets of "functions"
    2. stay away from this one!
    3. get to the point where we can demonstrate how these fit together
    4. ?

n. Next meeting to be Thursday 5 Jan 2012 @ 2:00pm EST

Topic: KMEF Functions CoP - Telecon 7
Date: Monday, December 12, 2011
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