KMEF Functions COP Telecon - March 27, 2012

Attendees: Ed O'Neal, Grover, Phil Sissson, Dean Testa, Annie Green

  • Prepare content for April 10, 2012 webinar ---> Interim report on Functions CoP

Telecon Meeting Notes

  1. Need review of slide deck by team members and feedback ... what's missing?
    1. relate survey back to findings
  2. in meeting items:
    1. slide 4 ... 4 are categories or functions? <--- FUNCTIONS
    2. need team review of wording on slides 5-8
    3. need team input on additional roles (esp for specialist function)
    4. Annie will try some cross-tabs this week to see if that can help identify if our survey actually did support our findings
    5. Ed will try to share his classification of skills to functions for others to comment
  3. Next meeting Monday 2 April 2012 @ 9am EST ... COMBINED with Competencies CoP

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012
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