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Help shape the #KM discipline. Need 150 people for a 10 minute #KMEF survey on the functions & roles of KM professionals. #KMers

#KMEF #KMers survey on functions & roles of KM professionals. For more info <link to KMEF LinkedIn> Take the Survey <link to survey here>


We need 150 people for a 10 minute survey on the functions and roles of KM professionals.

Knowledge Management (KM) has evolved significantly moving from a focus on structuring knowledge and content to including social media and a wide variety of processes and tools. Adapted to fit local needs, KM is not experienced consistently across companies, universities, countries or even regions. This lack of consistent output and structure has made some people question whether or not KM is truly a discipline requiring specific or unique skills to do this work.

The KMEF (Knowledge Management Education Forum) is attempting to create an environment in which all interested parties can collaborate to bring consensus to the field and influence its evolution toward becoming a recognized discipline.

The following survey is an important input to answering the question "What strategic roles and responsibilities do knowledge professionals play in organizations today – across all sectors of the economy?" Your response is anonymous and highly valued. Our summarized results and analysis will be shared openly via the KMEF website. Participants are welcome to reuse the results.

Please provide responses from your perspective and experience - we are interested in what you know and practice today. The survey will close on January 30, 2012.

KMEF Functions CoP