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This is a proposed vision for establishing a KM Center of Excellence website to present the synthesized information and resources collected from each of the KMEF CoPs. This information will become the nucleus of objective and unbiased information available to academia, business, or KM practitioners around the KM functions, competences, curricula and training plus certification. The COE will be a website that combines content with threaded discussion or forums for dialogue, links to professional articles and resources, and best practices identified within the KM community. Think of it as a one-stop shop for all things KM.

Proposed Vision
The Knowledge Management (KM) Center of Excellence (COE)

KM is an emerging discipline that many people have defined in numerous ways and associate many activities under its umbrella. For some, KM is about taxonomies, data storage and retrieval. Yet others see KM as being about capturing and retaining tacit or explicit knowledge in wikis, websites or knowledge repositories. And finally, some see it being about social media and all the applications that enable people to access, share or collaborate on an idea or information quickly. The idea of “managing” knowledge conjures up a wide range of thoughts around how this can be done, what processes or tools allow knowledge to managed, how should this happen inside my organization, and who are the people trained and skilled to do this work?
On the most human level, people know that the sharing of knowledge is a natural part of life but somehow in the sometimes global workplace, sharing becomes more complicated and urgent. This complexity and urgency drives people to think about how to increase and enable the efficiency and effectiveness of this sharing. This is where the Knowledge Management Center of Excellence (KM COE) derives its purpose.

The KM COE seeks to:
- Provide a touchstone for people in academia to connect to the application of KM principles and theory in the business world
- Inform business leaders about the value and application of KM
- Inform KM practitioners about the competences, training and certification opportunities available to build their skills for a career
  • Present the functions that comprise KM
  • Present the competences required to perform in a KM role or function
  • Present the curriculum options available to build competence in KM
  • Present certification and training opportunities to build competence in KM

Key Operating Principles:
- Is committed to providing information about KM that is useful to academia, business (for profit, not for profit, governmental, etc…) and KM practitioners
- Is unbiased with regard to sharing information about KM. It is not in the business of promoting or demoting specific software products, consultants, associations, or companies.
- Presents information and welcomes dialogue and discussion to improve the accuracy and scope of information presented.
- Focused on improving the state-of-the art of KM practices and developing the KM practitioners who do this work.