KMEF Functions COP Telecon - October 5, 2011

Attendees: Ed, Annie, Dean, Grover, Phil

  1. Comments on draft survey sent by Annie Green via email
  2. can Competency group include their questions in our survey
  3. discuss Functions & Competencies group interaction
  4. KMWorld events & dinner

Telecon Meeting Notes

1. Survey
  • we will use an anonymous survey
  • maybe SurveyMonkey unless Denise has a tool
  • remove salary question Q3
  • suggestion to add "Do you have a KM specific related degree?" ---> move Q11 to Q3 and add a comment block
  • Annie reviewed Q1-11 for re-categorization of "Individual vs Organizational" and best placement
  • need an intro to the survey on the opening page ---> Dean to write a first draft
  • need a short statement for posting purposes ---> Dean to write a first draft
  • modify Q12 to list ~10 known activities and provide 3 blanks
  • change Q10 to "How many people report to you?"
2. Combined survey with Competency group?
  • much discussion over Q13-15
  • recommend Q16 be rephrased to "what competencies do you need that would help you be more effective in your role"
  • we are good with a combined survey, but it would need to be short!
  • suggest a branch in the survey for KM managers to answer those additional questions ... perhaps "have you hired people for a KM role?"
  • Annie to create Survey Draft Revision 2
3. Function & Competency interaction
  • Annie is the conduit between us
  • Nov deliverable is prelim report out to identify progress
  • Dec deliverable is to say what what we will deliver & next steps
  • May 2012 deliverable is likely position descriptions as a result of combined effort between Function & Competency
4. KMWorld
  • make sure everyone is aware of KMEF F2F at KMWorld and dinner opportunity
  • Denise also has a table available at KMWorld
5. Proposal to post a statement about what KMEF is doing
  • Annie to take back to Denise idea to create a KMEF group in LinkedIn & cross-post

Next meeting 26 Oct 2011 1:30PM est

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