KMEF Functions COP Telecon - October 26, 2011

Attendees: Dean Testa, Ed O’Neal, and Mike Stelzer from the Competences CoP.

Telecon Meeting Notes

  1. Where is the rest of the CoP today? Dean pointed out that he did not include everyone on the WebEx invite and Ed did not send a meeting notice as he normally does so people did not put it on their calendar. We will endeavor to fix this for every future meeting.
  2. Ed attended the Competence telecon today before our scheduled call to hear about what that group is doing.
    • The Competence CoP has analyzed job descriptions to extract the competences required to do a variety of KM roles (CKO to KM worker).
    • This information is in a long list and not easily analyzed.
    • The next step for them is to look at some framework or template they can insert this information into for sense-making.
    • Denise Bedford offered to have a graduate assistant research frameworks used by other disciplines to see if there is something we can use.
    • There is a sense that we are at a point where the functions and competence CoPs can start to look at each other’s information.
    • Testing the competence developed against functions we have identified could allow both groups to improve their work.
  3. Dean is late with preparing a first draft of the intro to the proposed survey ... look for it soon
  4. Ed suggests that we have a combined call in early December with the Competence CoP to better understand their work. Perhaps they could do a 20-minute overview of their work followed by Q&A then the Functions CoP could do the same. From this meeting we could agree to work together going forward and agree on a framework to test the fit of our functions and competence inputs. The next step would be to repeat this process with the Curriculum CoP.

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