Ed O'Neal proposes a 30-minute kickoff telecon.

Edward.ONeal@shell.com [mailto:Edward.ONeal@shell.com] Sent: Monday, June 27, 2011 5:48 PMTo: sissonp@aol.com; dean.testa@goodyear.com; G.Grigg@ic.fbi.gov;kshitij.grover@gmail.com; washingtona@acm.orgSubject: RE: Getting Started With Phase 3


1. Where are we now?
2. CoP purpose?
3. Key milestones and deliverables.
4. Strategy to complete our work
5. Meeting/collaboration schedule (every 2 weeks?)
6. Open questions: Are we meeting F2Fbefore KM world?

Telecon Meeting Notes

1. Where are we now? Just getting started.

2. CoP purpose? The communique stated four functons of Webinar and OnSite agreement. It also suggested the KM Functions CoP define the roles and responsibilities for each of the four.
  • "Homework:" Review functions page and see if the right starting point. Are they accurated, sufficient, necessary?

3. Key milestones and deliverables
  • CoP needs to be ready to present to broader community in March 2012
  • We plan to check in with KMEF Co-leaders to ensure we are on the right path. Plan is to do this in mid-November prior to the year end holidays.

4. Strategy to compete our work.
  • Initial - Wiki play book. Each will edit changes live in the wiki and follow up with comments on the discussion page for what and why. Inputters could add name when contributing to a wiki page.

5. Meeting/collaboration schedule (every 2 weeks?).
  • Ear-to-mouth meeting every two weeks to start. Action: Ed O'Neal will set up phone calls for 8/25 and every two weeks after that until we reach our November check-in or we are satisfied with our progress and adjust the meeting frequency.
  • Dean will arrange the method by which we will connect so we can share desktops and view information together.

6. Action: Grover agreed to research whether or not there is a plan to assemble again for a F2F meeting the day prior to KM World.

Prepared by Phil. Please feel free to make corrections, additions or deletions.