KMEF Functions COP Telecon - September 14, 2011

Attendees: Ed O'Neal, Dean Testa, Annie Green, Ann Washington, Kshitij Grover and Phil Sisson

  • Annie's Update
  • Review what we have so far
  • Review suggested defintions and remove TBRs.

Telecon Meeting Notes

  1. Annie's Feedback
    • KM World (November 1st-3rd (TBR)): Face-to-face feedback from COPs
    • Cross COP communicaton- Champions are going to be talking to each of the COP leaders
    • Annie's and Denise's way to help the COPs along later
  2. Looking at Ed's Input to the KM Functionspage
    • Annie's and Denise discussed waye to help the COPs along; sruvery for broader exposure. Kent State has a tool and can help analyze the data.
    • Ed: Strategic Function: See KM Functions page - Strategic function amplification
    • Ed, Annie & xxx: Difference of opinion between whether the Business Aligned people are KM or business people. Annie/xxx see training business people in KM versus training KM people on the business. Moving toward: Having deep business needs with KM skills.
    • Annie: KM Specialis is what was written for Business Aligned Function
    • The Universal Funciton. See Ed's values and behaviors
  3. KM Functions COP Survey
    • Ideas: What is your job title, what are people doing and how are they doing it. Education. Salary?
    • Live Interview? May be challenging
    • Looking for individual responses (of what they do) as opposed as to what going on in the organization.
    • Annie going to take a cut for a draft by September 25th.
  4. Next meeting Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 1:30PM EDT.

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