This CoP is an outgrowth of the 2011 Kowledge Management KM) Education Forum (KMEF) Phase 1 Webinars and Phase 2 On Site Eventat George Washington Univeristy. It is an self-managed, open community of individuals representing diverse organizations who are interested in advancing knowledge management education and professional status. (See Background for more information and KMEF Co-Leader/KMEF expectations. See the Guiding Principles for CoPs for information on how many successful CoPs work and the desired operating tone for this CoP.)

The 2011 purpose of this CoP is to comprehensively identify what KM professionals do as an input to the Needed Competenices and KM Curriculum CoPs.

We will approach this work by first identfying what tasks, skills, knowledge, behaviors, aptitudes, etc. are required for each of the four KM functions. Completing this will allow us to discern whether or not there are meaniful distinctions between the KM functional headings we have created. For instance, is there a meaningful difference between universal and strategic functions? Next, we will identify what KM roles serve within a given function. If a person serves as a KM specialist, where do they operate within the KM function framework. Ultimately, the tasks, skills, etc. will form the input to required competences and accompanying specific training or educational curricula.

The hierarchy we'll use is as follows: Function, roles, responsibilities, competences, knowledge, skills and behaviors.


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